The Benefits of Application Whitelisting

There are several tools available to all computer users in the form of IT security. Each is designed to carry out a specific function, and when combined together, you will often see the greatest benefits in terms of overall protection provided.

One such tool is known as application whitelisting, the benefits of which we’re going to cover in this article. Whether you only own one computer or you’re responsible for several across a network, this guide is for you.

What is Application Whitelisting?

The term is a summary of the ability to preapprove a list of software and programs which you are happy to allow to run on your computer or network. This could be a list of software which is required for you or your employees to do their job or simply a list of software you know to be safe.

Any other piece of software which is not on this list will no longer be able to run once the whitelist is in effect, essentially providing you with total control over everything that happens across your network.

How Does It Differ from Typical Anti-Virus Software?

Networks and computers are typically protected by making use of what is known as a blacklist. This blacklist contains a list of known viruses and malware which have been defined as dangerous and prevents them from being run on or downloaded to any computer.

The whitelist essentially works in reverse, allowing greater control and not leaving your IT security to the mercy of virus definition updates.

Offline Protection

Whitelisting works when a network or computer is offline and no longer connected to the internet. This is beneficial when you work in an environment that is susceptible to network downtime. App whitelisting will ensure that only the programs you want on your network will be able to access vital information, further bolstering your security provision. This is a great benefit as it is important to remember that attacks can still occur if a threat is present within the system, even when a network goes offline.

Simple and Efficient Deployment

The beauty of whitelisting is that it can easily be rolled out across an entire network, instantly providing the desired amount of protection. This deployment can be administered and overseen by a single computer, without having to then install software individually to every computer that exists within that network.

In addition, you are able to;

  • Monitor in real-time if the activation of any unauthorised program has been attempted, and if so, what that program or piece of software was.
  • Monitor the activity of all files which are contained within the network, including who they have been accessed by and how they have been communicated.

Improve Your IT Security

When used in conjunction with other forms of IT protection, you will find that application whitelisting provides an incredibly effective means of protecting your IT hardware and systems from attack.

As technology advances, so will the abilities of malicious software which is why it is so important that you’re using the best in IT security.

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