The Definite Advantages of Building Site Portable Toilets

Building site portable toilets are certainly a great choice for all building sites and assist in increasing productivity, and provide overall positive advantages to any job. And besides, at the end of the job, they will have saved you and your company money.

Over the course of logistics planning for a worksite, there are a lot of things which must be set up, this includes issues of worker safety, easy access for trucks and fencing. The portable toilet issue might seem like a minor concern, and something that can be left to the last moment, but, they are important and put into place before any construction starts.

Following the Law

Portable toilet hiring for your building site is not just a sensible idea, in most cases, it’s also the law. Whilst depending on the size of your construction site, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) may demand that you have portable toilets at hand for workers. A failure to do so and follow regulations can end up costing you time and money, so, it’s in your very best interests to cover your bases and sort out top quality portable toilets in Yorkshire.

Although you may not realise it yet, having portable toilets at a building site will increase productivity, and save you money and speed up the finishing time on any project. Just consider a site without any portable toilets, as your workers have to go off of the site and seek out available toilets. That in itself equals lost time when workers then get into the habit of leaving the site for minutes on end.

Savings in Money and Time

You just might be surprised to know how often the offsite toilet break can turn into a smoke break. The site of workers mulling around an offsite area may also create negative relations with nearby neighbours, creating more problems for the construction project. If you hire portable toilets you then have sanitation facilities right there at the work site. Workers are then more accountable, and your job will then prove more cost effective as workers spend more time on the job and less time going for breaks.

One More Environmental Advantage

Common toilets are water wasters and after working it out, if a construction site has a ten crew team working a 40 hour week, they will make around 30 gallons of waste. Normal facilities require 2,500 gallons of clean water to take care of the waste.

Whereas, building site portable toilets need a mere 30 gallons to do the exact same job, which is quite some saving and great for the environment and the community. And remember, that’s what is great for the environment is a bonus for business, because you can then promote the environmental awareness of your building site to any potential future clients.

So, benefits everywhere for sure. Portable toilets just make perfect common sense, so do yourself and your site a real favour!

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