Coworking: the Main Selection Criteria of a Shared Workspace

Startups and freelancers often needs to find a professional space to advance their business and exchange with other workers. But looking for the right place for this purpose might be a very harsh challenge. Many parameters are to be taken into account to be sure that you can work under the best possible conditions. The place has also to meet all of your personal and professional ambitions.

Look for the Right Location

Be very careful when you think about the geographical location of the space of coworking. If a location which is a little off center will mechanically lower the price, it may not be well perceived by your team. It is important to start checking all the coworking spaces available in the city center and its surroundings. That will easily influence your decisions. If you work alone, you can choose a location near your house for more conveniences. On the other hand, you need to verify the availability and price of the parking. Most of the time, a city parking can be very expensive in the long run if not included in the coworking membership.

Pay Attention to the work environment

The quality of the shared workspace is an important criterion, especially when meetings with clients or investors are regularly scheduled. When organizing strategic committees, you have do it in nice and well equipped meeting rooms. This is a significant aspect in terms of image and credibility. It is also recommended to be sensitive to all common areas like the cafeteria and the lounge. The workplace must be comfortable and has a thermal and acoustic insulation. If it has a parquet or a laminate flooring, do not hesitate to inform yourself if it is endowed with some facilities like foam underlay for laminate flooring and soundproof windows. It is important to benefit from calms in the workplace.

Test the Atmosphere on the Coworking Space

In general, the atmosphere can be very different from one coworking space to another. Some of them offer an atmosphere which is very close to that of the traditional offices on some levels. Thus, they are more collaborative and focused on cooperation. The may interest startups with about 10 employees so that they can get a greater overview of what is it like to work together in larger group. In other words, the culture of the company must fit the philosophy of the coworking space. On this point, you are not allowed to make mistakes. To avoid any error, think about testing the place for one week or two to know if it meets your needs or not. You can also ask your professional network about the advantages and disadvantages of the available offices.

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