Digital Instruments Provide Assistance in the Repair and Upkeep of Various Systems

One way to provide for the maintenance and operation of various systems is to use digital instrumentation. Digital instruments can help diagnose comfort levels and systems for the following:

  • Heating, air flow, and pressure
  • Air conditioning systems and ventilation
  • Indoor comfort
  • Refrigeration technology
  • Electrical installations and upgrades

For instance, digital instruments are used for air flow and differential pressure measurement. Air flow is a gauge of the amount of air for each unit of time that circulates through a diagnostic tool. The amount of air that is measured can be obtained by either mass or volume.

Measuring the Airflow by Volume – Using an Air Flow Metre

Typically, measurement tools measure air for volume. However, some applications necessitate the other form of measurement, which is mass. Since air is a gas, its volume can differ, based on the temperature. Therefore, an instrument that measures a flow of air is called an air flow metre.

Gauging the Differential Pressure of Some Systems

Measuring airflow is required in such applications as measuring ventilation or the air to fuel ratio in engines. Differential pressure may also be measured in certain applications. This type of measurement gauges the variance between two types of pressure.

Therefore, a differential gauge that is used to measure pressure is an indicator that shows the difference between two points of pressure within a system. When this type of measurement it is used, the process is simplified as the gauge notes the variance between the pressure points. This type of gauge is one of the pressure measurement devices in Singapore that is commonly used.

When Pressure Measurements Are Taken

Regular pressure measurements are often taken during the service of heating systems. Using the testers allows the technician to check the gas pressure, for instance, on burners. This protocol entails measuring the pressure of gas flow and the resting gas pressure. The supplied pressure, also referred to as the flow pressure, references the resting pressure and flowing gas pressure for static gas.

If the flow pressure is found to be outside the proper range, it indicates that a boiler cannot be placed into operation. Therefore, this type of metre can assist in preventing a possible explosion or the shutdown of a heating system.

You can obtain a differential pressure metre in several models. Models are designed to test various ranges in pressure. All the models are ideal for performing pitot static tube measurements inside air ducts.

Some of the Other Noted Instrumentation

Besides pressure management, you can also find instruments that test refrigeration, velocity, and temperatures that are featured as probes or portable devices. Most of the instrumentation is used for applications that involve heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and even food safety purposes.

Measuring instrumentation also extends to such sectors as pharmacy and health services as well as industry. In industry, measuring equipment is used in the areas of emission measurement, production, research and development, energy production, maintenance, and archiving.

When used for food safety, test equipment is used in the areas of food production, baking and butchering, restaurant preparations, storage, and transport.

If you need to stay on top operationally, you need to make sure your diagnostic tools are updated and feature the latest technology. Review the selections online today to view the latest in testing equipment.

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