Five Reasons Businesses Need to Develop Mobile Apps

If you want to find new clients, then you need to be where people are and many of them are online via mobile devices. Over half of the world’s web traffic now comes from mobile phones; with about five billion of these devices in the world, it is vital that your business creates a strategy to reach out to mobile users. One way to get attention from potential customers is to develop a mobile app, which can provide these benefits.

Provides Information

When people download and use a mobile app that’s been developed by Digidom for your company, it provides valuable information about users. This information could include user demographics, geographical location, and contact information and can help in revising the app so that it reaches out to people who are most likely to buy your products or services. It can also provide the information that users want or direct them to your company’s website.

Sends Customers Reminders

Push notifications can alert users to sales on products in which they’re interested, notify them of new blog posts published on your website, or send sales receipts. A push notification is similar to a text message but the user must download the app to receive it. Push notifications can also make it easier for users to share content on their social media accounts.

Increase Engagement

By creating a help desk for the app, customers will be able to reach out to your company any time that they have questions or concerns about your products or services. It can be frustrating to not be able to reach a company when there is a problem with a product or to ask a simple question. Providing an easy way for clients to reach out to your business can help increase customer retention rates.

Builds Loyalty

Using push notifications as an advertising platform can create personal connections between your business and your customers. Since an app can provide information and reminders about special product promotions, invite them to your store whenever they are near it, and give them an easy way to contact your customer service department, it can help build loyalty. A mobile app also provides an easy, convenient way to get information to your customers.

Complements Website

The mobile app created for your company can provide a gateway directly to your company’s website. As they’re viewing products or information on the app, customers who want more information can click the link to the website. Also, customers don’t need to visit the website to order a product that is being featured as they can order it from the app.

By having an app developed for your company, you can make it easier to reach out to your customers and they to you.

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