How Does A Scrap Yard Evaluate Copper

When businesses are moving premises or the buildings are being demolished, the landlord who owns the building can strip all of the copper out of it.

This copper can be found in a wide variety of different places. The copper can be stripped away from the wiring that is already in the building. Also, copper can be found in the air conditioning units which are situated around the office block. Copper elements can be found in appliances such as kettles which have been left behind by the business that vacated the building.

How is a scrap yard going to evaluate the copper that is brought to it?

They Will Look At The Amount Of Copper

The scrap yard will evaluate the amount of copper that you have bought. The amount of copper is going to factor into the final copper prices in Perth that they are going to give you. Make sure that you collect every scrap when you are going around the business premises. This can be done with the help of some builders.

They Will Look At The Condition Of The Copper

The colour of the copper is extremely important to the overall value that you are going to be offered. The scrap yard will run a test to determine the condition. The copper is going to be extremely valuable the redder that it happens to be, and this increases the price that you will be given.

They Will Check The Weight Of The Copper

The copper is going to be weighed. Dense copper is going to be worth more than lightweight copper, so this test is going to be performed with extremely sensitive equipment. Once the weight has been decided then the scrap merchants are going to move onto the next phase of the process.

What Happens After The Evaluation Takes Place?

After the evaluation has taken place, you are going to be quoted a price for the copper that you have taken to the scrap yard. You can choose to accept this price or you might want to have another evaluation at another scrap yard.

Otherwise, you can choose to accept the price which has been offered by the first scrap yard. This money can then be put to good use.


Copper can be found in a wide range of different sources. When you take the copper to the local scrap yard, they are going to give it a full assessment. It is not going to take a large amount of time for the workers at the scrap yard to assess the copper.

You can do this regularly for any of the business premises that you own. The copper will not need to be in perfect condition when you are trying to sell it on for a profit. Instead, you should gather the copper and then take it along to the nearest yard in the hope that you will be able to receive a competitive price.

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