How to Create an Office Culture

Your office or your workplace is a microcosm of a larger community. In that way, you can create a culture at your workplace. A culture is simply a group of people in a specific location who have shared goals, shared beliefs, shared rituals, and ideas. These things don’t have to extend beyond the workplace to still be workplace culture. For example, if everyone at your business is working on the same project and using similar terminology to discuss the work you do, you have a unified workplace culture. There are many ways to foster that kind of culture. One of the ways that many people attempt to create culture is through team-building exercises that foster camaraderie in your employees. You can also choose to foster a workplace culture with your furniture.


The furniture of your workplace is one important factor in the creation of a healthy workplace culture. For example, if you are working in a business that requires your employees to work together collaboratively, you need to make sure that your furniture is organised in a way that will allow them to work together. An open floor plan is one way to do that. You should work with someone who can help you with your office fitout in Perth. If you decide that you need your employees to collaborate, there is furniture that can help you do that. The furniture that can help you do that is oftentimes furniture with low dividers between the different desks so that the employees can work together.

Desk Options

There are many different types of desk options as well. The desk options will help you create a different kind of workplace culture. For example, a type of communal desk can be useful for many types of employees. These are often long desks that are somewhat similar to tables but have dividers between the different workspaces.

Also, you might want to have different desks that are secluded somewhat. If your business needs your employees to be able to work in quiet, then you need some kind of way to allow them to separate themselves. A desk is important for that but you might even need a more involved fitout.


A more involved fitout could be necessary if you really need to change the kind of culture at your workplace. This will mean that you need to have many different items changed. Sometimes small things such as a carpet change can change the way your employees move around through the office. If your employees begin to change the way they move around, it will change the way they interact with each other. That is a serious change to the culture. A good fitout will make that sort of change possible.

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