The Advantages of Packaging Goods in Folding Cartons

Companies find that the best way to package lightweight goods such as what is commonly sold in a grocery store is to place them in folding cartons. Whether they are used to contain food or drugs, these cartons have become prominent in the grocery industry and others.

Folding cartons are an important tool that folding carton manufacturers use to protect the goods they contain while displaying their contents in a concise manner.

There are various reasons how and why advances in marketing have led to the widespread adoption of folding cartons alongside other categories of product packaging.

Various companies, in fact, produce top-class folding cartons and allow their clients to choose what materials the cartons should be made out of and how they should be designed in order to ideally protect the products while presenting them to consumers appealingly.

Convenience for Consumers Not Looking for Extravagance

First, many consumers tend to purchase products that are sold individually rather than buy large boxes filled with multiples of the product. Among this demographic are residents of housing units that only accommodate one person; people that are not necessarily supporting a family are likelier to choose and buy stand-alone products whenever they need to.

This type of consumer therefore prefers to get products packaged in single-serve containers that are convenient to open, and folding cartons serve this need.

Easier to Avoid Placing Small Products in Large Packages

Besides customer appeal, folding cartons also carry an economic advantage for product manufacturers. Other types of packaging tend to accommodate more space than what the size of the product itself actually warrants, and this waste of space consumes company resources and expenses.

Folding cartons, on the other hand, can easily fit the dimensions of the product they contain quite closely so that there is very little unnecessary space remaining inside, and product companies save a lot on packaging expenses because of this.

Creative Designs for Folding Cartons can Promote Brands

Any product can be made to grab attention better by changing how the package itself is designed, and modern digital printing techniques allow highly atypical elements to be displayed on the surface of folding cartons.

The average grocery shopper will take notice of a product on a grocery shelf if its packaging includes a holographic image, for example, and this creativity will help spread awareness of the product’s brand.

Another factor that gets consumers to notice a particular brand over similar products is whether a QR code has been printed on it.

Protection Against Chemicals in Cartons

The material that composes cartons can potentially contain contaminants and chemicals that can infect the products inside them; this is a particular concern with edible goods. Ink that has been printed on the surface of a carton is a common source of potentially harmful substances that can make contact with the food.

Because of efforts that have been made by the Food Standards Agency since 2012 to scan product containers for these health hazards, many folding cartons have had a protective coating applied to prevent a lot of the risk.

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