The Unused Office Space Dilemma During COVID-19

A lot of office space was abandoned due to COVID-19. Employees turned to work from home set up to reduce the risk of getting infected with the virus.

Since it took months before traditional offices and establishments opened once again, more businesses consider the perks of letting the employees work from the comfort of their homes. However, here’s where the dilemma takes place. Managers and business owners think of what to do with these unused offices and buildings.

Today, it is still hard to predict when all the things go back to normal. But you can still find ways to do with all the unused office spaces and buildings.

While you are waiting for the time where the employees can work from where they were, there should be other alternatives to make use of the abandoned establishments.

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Turn The Old Technology Into Indoor Farms

Although this option does not apply to all office spaces. But a lot of management and business took the initiative to do this step. One of the companies is Toshiba. They turned their older clean rooms and labs into food-producing powerhouses.

Some of the agriculture companies that took advantage of this pandemic are InFarm, BoweryFarming, AeroFarms, and Plenty. They researched how they can avoid pesticides, improve flavor, and maximize yield.

What’s more, they are modifying the crops, including the locally grown food. These steps are the best solution to feed our population, while the communities are suffering from the effect of COVID-19.

Rezone Commercial Office Buildings

One of the issues in the cities is that most of the residential places are ridiculously high. There are more commercial office buildings in the cities, rather than residential areas. That is one of the reasons why some employees are commuting for hours from their homes and becoming unproductive during work hours.

The good thing about the lockdown and health protocols is that the management is forced to let these employees work from their homes. That’s why some of the offices are turned into apartments.

Companies can earn from using up space, and the companies can also earn additional income. Of course, there are downsides when the company turned the office spaces into residential areas. But the team can talk about these downsides, and potential advantages to consider some of the changes.

The Key Takeaways

Unused spaces can affect the revenues badly. That’s why it is crucial to think about the alternatives and work together to find out the possible solutions for this. Enhancing the communities through urban indoor farming is a great way to help the community.

On the other hand, turning the office spaces into residential homes can improve the revenue of the company. Whichever these two work great should be placed into consideration.

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