Towels Or Hand Dryers – Which One Is More Beneficial

Putting towels in the bathrooms is something that some businesses do, but then they find that it would have been a better idea to buy some automatic dryers.

Why are automatic dryers more beneficial than towels? There are quite a few reasons. When shopping for a dryer think about the features that are necessary to make this equipment a worthy addition to the bathroom.

Hand Dryers Are Quicker Than Towels

Nobody wants to spend a long time drying their hands after they have been to the toilet because they want to leave the bathroom as quickly as they possibly can. Towels can become damp so it takes a while for hands to become dry. Things change once an electric dryer has been installed.

Choose a dryer from the best place for hand dryers online on the basis of how quickly it dries a pair of hands that are soaking wet.

Hand Dryers Are Cleaner Than Used Towels

Cleanliness and hygiene are at the top of the list for anyone who is going to the toilet. Towels are not ideal for hygienic purposes because they retain germs. However, in contrast, dryers that have a motion sensor do not attract any germs because they are not being touched by anyone.

A Dryer Lasts Longer Than A Towel Ever Could

Longevity should be taken into account because this represents value for money. Dryers last for years and still perform at maximum capacity because they are well-made. In contrast, towels need to be replaced every so often because they become threadbare and can attract germs which nobody wants to get on their hands.

This is one of the main reasons why many consumers choose to have an automatic dryer rather than a hand-towel.

A Dryer Does Not Need To Go To The Laundry

One of the most time-consuming things about towels is that they need to be washed on a regular basis to make sure that they are not getting too dirty for people to use. Laundry bills can stack up for a business that uses a large number of towels, such as a hotel.

Instead of having towels in the bathrooms of the hotel, why not install a few dryers? Instantly, the weekly laundry bill drops because towels are not being used at all.

Dryers Aren’t Going To Go Missing

Running a business that has bathrooms means that customers have the opportunity to steal towels. This is common in hotels, which frustrates owners because towels cost money to be replaced.

Which Type Of Dryer Is Going To Be Used?

Once people have decided that dryers are more effective than towels, it is time to choose from lots of different models. Some models are suitable for two people to dry their hands at once, whilst other models can be activated with just the wave of a hand.

Compare and contrast the types that are available and then have them installed.

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