Why you Should Choose Switzerland for your Holding Company

Switzerland is a truly unique country with a very stable economy and the established centre of European finance, which makes it an attractive location to create a company. Communication and travel are ideal, and any European city is but a few hours away, and then there is the prestige of having a Swiss business address, which gives any business an instant image boost.

What is a Holding Company?

Holding companies are primarily set up to control shares of other companies, and this would be an ideal setup for a small group of private investors, who can pool their resources and trade under the holding company’s name. A holding company would not have a product or a service to offer, but would consist solely of acquired stock on other companies, and if you were to set up a Swiss holding company, you would be levied a very low rate of taxation, which is one of the reasons Switzerland is such a popular choice when formulating a holding company.

Lowest Taxation Rates

Switzerland has very low rates of taxation, at both local and federal level, a Swiss holding company benefits from the lowest tax rates in Europe, and with other attractive benefits, it makes the location very desirable. The tax on a tax privileged Swiss holding company would stand at 7.8%, and when you consider that is three times less than the UK, it suddenly makes a lot of sense to formulate the company in Switzerland.


Switzerland has a total of 26 Cantons, or Districts, and each has its own specific taxation policy, and if you were interested is setting up a holding company in Switzerland, there are specialist organisations that will facilitate the entire process on your behalf, and with their expert advice, your new company will soon be ready to trade. Some Cantons are more attractive than others, but with expert advice, you can make an informed decision.

Business Image

Image is an integral part of success and if you want to exude that, a Swiss company goes a long way to achieving the right image, and with some clever trading and expert advice, your new venture will steadily grow.

Low Personal Taxes

With a Swiss company being arranged, you might want to consider relocating to be near the action, and Switzerland has very attractive personal tax rates, which is why the rich and famous flock there. Many European countries tend to heavily tax the wealthy, and this leads to an exodus of semi-retired people, who don’t wish to spend all of their savings on tax. Switzerland usually tops the happiness polls that are regularly conducted, and the quality of life is second to none, although, it is an expensive place to live, it has other benefits for the wealthy.

The company that handles the company formulation, can also provide many other services you might require, such as office amenities and IT support, and with their guidance, your new venture will surely be a success.


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