5 business process management software tools that can help you solve pressing business issues

Speed up everyday activities, keep pace with customer needs and manage your inventory, documents, accounting and financial operations with the help of a good business process management software.

In order to compete successfully in a modern digital world, bridge people, systems and data across an entire enterprise, accelerate recurrent workflows, create a positive customer experience, boost employee satisfaction and productivity, and adapt faster to the ever-changing market landscape, companies apply to business process management software. Put it simply, BPM software is a smart program used to create, automate and analyze the flow of business processes.

A process is a set of activities and tasks that must be accomplished to generate value to an end-user. A new employee onboarding, loan origination and customer billing are typical business processes that can be designed, optimized and automated by means of a smart BPM platform.

A properly chosen BPM product offers a plethora of benefits, the main of which include:

  • The reduction of costs
  • A strict compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Increased business accountability
  • Better customer engagement
  • Reduced process insufficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Greater business agility

To derive these benefits, an ideal business process management platform provides the following capabilities:

  • Process modeling
  • Rules engine
  • Idea management
  • Process KPIs analytics
  • Integration
  • Mobility

Considering these characteristics, we’ve prepared for you the list of the most popular and powerful BPM solutions that can really transform your business.



Being the icon of professional business process software, bpm’online delivers off-the-shelf processes for customer service, marketing and sales to meet all the needs and requirements of a company. By leveraging bpm’online, users can model, test, run and refine customer-facing processes of any complexity, both branched and parallel. A preconfigured visual process editor presents a WYSIWYG tool (what you see is what you get), which ensures the diagram of a to-be process is easy to understand and configure. Thus, users can design workflows in a drag-n-drop manner with the help of predefined templates and elements of activities, process data/metrics and external services that are invoked within an operation. The functional depth makes bpm’online platform the most sought-after BPM solution at the market:

  • 360-degree customer view
  • Business rules management
  • Business process management
  • Call center automation
  • Document flow automation
  • Event management
  • Incident and problem management
  • Knowledge management
  • Lead acquisition, scoring, nurturing
  • Omnichannel marketing management and customer communication
  • Out-of-the-box processes for sales, multichannel marketing, and customer care
  • Payments management
  • Performance insights and stats
  • Pipeline management and automation
  • Project and task management
  • Service/product portfolio
  • Synchronization and data migration
  • Collaboration tools



Small companies inexperienced in business process management may benefit from the Methodologee  BPM software. The solution makes it possible to develop, optimize and share enterprise-wide operations, manage files/documents and attach them to any process step, streamline repetitive tasks, work cooperatively upon activities and projects and monitor the flow of activities in real-time. To help brands stay organized and efficient, the cloud-based Methodologee BPM software comes with:

  • Standard operating procedures management
  • Business rule management
  • Business analytics and dashboards
  • Access control
  • Content management
  • Social collaboration and feedback
  • Workflow automation

K2 blackpearl

K2 blackpearl

A user-friendly process application system, K2 blackpearl enables teams to create and run an unlimited number of business apps, forms and workflows. With available on-premise, IaaS and  cloud deployment models, K2 blackpearl ensures visualization of all internal procedures, transparent communication between members and data accessibility for the entire company. The software provides functions to automate tasks and workflows in the application without any programming experience or technical knowledge. Being a right program for multiple needs, such a business process management system encompasses:

  • Process engine
  • Collaboration
  • Content management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Workflow automation
  • Forms building
  • Task management
  • Sample applications

Growing companies with tight budgets have an opportunity to improve procedures and overall performance by deploying Gluu.biz  BPM. This business process management platform allows creating procedures, job descriptions and work instructions, highlighting risks and lapses for each process instance, auditing workflow changes and exceptions and sharing ideas and issues – all this in a single BPM system.  Being a good example of lean business management, easy process creation and coherent collaboration, Gluu.biz package consists of:

  • Process mapping
  • Role descriptions
  • Work instructions
  • Social intranet
  • Compliance monitoring
  • File management
  • Tasks and checklists


Web-based, low-code business process management software, WorkflowGen lets its users create web forms, manage business rules and automate any type of enterprise processes whether it is HR, sales/marketing or finance recurring activities. Being a highly configurable and interactive workflow environment, this solution offers the ability to modernize existing processes in real time to keep up with the market conditions. The main features of this sophisticated BPM product are:

  • Process lifecycle management
  • Product and inventory management
  • Audit trail
  • Communication management
  • Real-time process monitoring and statistics
  • Event-triggered notifications
  • Order processing
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