Does Your HOA Website Have These Essential Features?

Having a dedicated website for your HOA has become a trend in the modern world. A good website is not just for information but to make the management of the community easier. When shopping for an HOA website, it is important to consider whether it has the right features you need for managing your community. 

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Essential features of an HOA website 

Represents the community. 

If your website is going to be public for all people to see, you must make sure that it represents the community in an appealing and friendly manner and not intimidating. You can write about the association’s story, such as when it was started, and share current photos of the community. You can also put valuable information that potential buyers may want to know. 

Responsive design. 

A responsive design is one that works well on all devices, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Your community members may use a number of different devices, so it is important that the website is operable on all of them. Nobody likes to zoom in or zoom out constantly to read what is written on a website. 

Community calendar. 

The community calendar is an interesting as well as a helpful feature in an HOA website. It can help the board members mark important events and meetings, and homeowners can know which events fall on which dates by taking a glance at the calendar. 

User-friendly interface. 

Your HOA website should be designed in a way that it is easy for people of all age groups to operate it. They should be able to find information with no difficulty. The design should not be complex and be easily understandable by new members. The website should also not take a lot of time to load or lag in between. 

While it is not essential, adding a photo gallery section on the website can increase homeowners’ involvement and attract potential buyers. Keeping up-to-date photos of your community can help outsiders understand what it is like to live in the community. 

Online reservations. 

If you live in a large association where the amenities are almost always occupied, the website can help you make early reservations. For example, if a homeowner needs the clubhouse for a birthday party, they may not get it if they wait till the last minute. However, making a reservation and letting everyone know that you will be using the clubhouse for a few hours on a particular date can avoid problems. 

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