What should you do after a dog bite? Grand Junction

Everybody loves a dog and who would not like to own one. In Seattle, the number of dog owners is on the rise, and it is no surprise that there could be dog accidents. A dog accident means a dog is biting someone and causing injury. A Grand Junction personal injury lawyer can help you in such a case. But in this blog, you will read what you should do after a dog bite. 

Maintain your composure

If a dog has bitten you; you don’t know, don’t try to catch the animal. Take pictures of any injuries you may have.

Apply first aid and seek medical help if necessary

Clean the wound if it is superficial. Allow the blood to flow freely to cleanse the wound before applying direct pressure to stop the bleeding. Because dog bites can become infected and require antibiotics, it’s critical to consult a doctor. In some circumstances, you may need stitches. Other medical issues can also affect how a doctor treats a dog bite.

Don’t hesitate to contact animal control

 A dog bites you; get animal control so that the animal may be caught and tested for rabies. If you can’t identify the dog’s rabies status, you may need to start unpleasant rabies injections.

Determine whether or not an animal vet has vaccinated the dog

If a dog bites you and the owner is present, exchange contact information so you may get confirmation of rabies vaccinations. Consult the dog’s veterinarian to ensure the animal’s rabies vaccines are up to date.

Make a formal report: Make a report to the police and animal control about the incident to ensure that the dog’s owner takes action to prevent the dog from biting anybody else.

Determine the cause of the incident:

  1. If your dog has bitten you, try to get help as soon as possible.
  2. Discipline the dog straight away and teach him the rule of “no talking, no touching, and no eye contact.”
  3. If your dog becomes violent all of a sudden, take him to the veterinarian to see if there is a medical reason.

Obtain the dog’s insurance details from its owner

Many homeowners’ insurance plans pay for medical care and other damages caused by a dog bite. You could get a call from the insurance company. You must consult an attorney before signing anything or discussing a monetary settlement.

Make an appointment with a lawyer

You may need to seek legal help, and an expert lawyer can assist you in navigating the legal system and obtaining the money you should receive. In the end, take care. 

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