Personal Protective Equipment: an essential need for workers’ safety

The main issue for the workers is safety. Many accidents frequently happen in different industries due to the absence of personal protective equipment (PPE). The personal security equipment protects the workers’ health and safety risk on the job. These equipment are also used for self-defensive purposes. In order to reduce employees’ exposures when to different hazards during engineering and managing control at workplace that is not feasible or appropriate to mitigate risk to acceptable levels. Employees risk in the company can be anything which can be range from the wet floors to falling wreckage. In such a situation this PPE include eye protection mask, protective helmets, high visibility clothing, safety footwear, and respiratory equipment. Various professional activities required some physical risk to the worker that needs to be fulfilled with the aid of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), which includes spectacles, ear protectors, masks, hoses, helmets, gloves, boots, safety belts, sunscreen and other protective items. These accessories are indispensable in factories and industrial processes in general.

Security equipment use is fundamental to guarantee health and workers protection that avoid negative consequences in case of any uncertain event at the workplace — these equipment used to ensure that the professional will not be exposed to occupational illnesses, which may compromise the work and life skills of professionals during and after the active phase of work. For ensuring the safety of the working environment, company acquires products from the security equipment suppliers. Additionally, company tends to be familiar with all personal protective equipment that must be provided to its employees. This type of work facilitates identification of dangerous within an industrial plant and helps the company to reduce or neutralize them. Acquisition of personal security equipment is important to protect professionals individually, reducing any threat or risk to the worker. The use of protective equipment is determined by a technical standard, which establishes that the PPE is provided free of charge to the employee for the performance of his duties within the company. It is the duty of supervisors and the company to ensure that professionals make the proper use of personal protective equipment. This should be used throughout the work, following all the determinations of the organization. In case of lost or damaged equipment, it is the responsibility of the company to replace it immediately. The proper and responsible use of PPE avoids major inconveniences for the worker and also for the company. This is ensuring that activities are performed more safely and efficiently. Personal protective equipment must be kept in good condition and must have a Certificate of Approval from the competent body to ensure that they comply with the Ministry of Labor regulations. Employees and employers should understand the importance of using protective equipment in the day to day business.

The occupational safety of the workforce is crucial for the company. Various standards have been developed for reducing workers exposures of risk to the employees. Providing personal equipment ensures employees safety and train employee to use the PPE appropriately to protect them from a workplace injury. This is crucial for reducing chances from the accidental damages at a workplace that could save workers life. Safety assurance of employees is necessary which can be done through employees training regarding use of this equipment to protect them from any injury.

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