Tailoring your CV to a Job Application

When making your CV, it is vital that a core structure is in place that will be editable depending on the job you have decided to apply for. This is important since every job application is different, as there different requirements, skills and opportunities available based on the firm, location and flexibility you may offer. A lack of change in any CV will mean you are constantly out at the back of the queue as recruiters will very quickly realise that your CV is a one size fits all document with little personality and going for volume, not quality.

Table of Contents


An important first step for a job application is to thoroughly read the job description available to make sure that you have all the key elements required for the job on hand and how you will implement or show them throughout your CV, showing the employer you have gone the extra mile to demonstrate your capabilities. In order to show theses actions and skills in a concise manner, it is often wise to use a CV Creator, which will provide a clear and straightforward structure to allow you to focus on the content and not the boring presentation, which is a very lengthy process.

CV Structure

Once the important work of researching the company and linking your skills and experiences to the job description at hand, the next important step is to implement all the details you put together into one cohesive document. First and foremost, in order to make it easy for a recruiter to contact you, you should list your contact details very clearly at the top of the page, ideally a contact number and email address (which must look professional). Additionally, if you a require a Visa to work in the country of choice, make that clear so as to avoid any potential bottlenecks for a recruiter and remove uncertainty.

Secondly, introduce yourself with a small introductory summary of yourself. This will allow the employer to get to know you in seconds, before deciding whether he should continue reading or not. Then, depending on the stage at which you are in your career, you will be tasked to assimilate and make use of the experiences you have acquired in the past and make the relevant for the position you are applying for today. This is the most difficult task when looking for a new job as sometimes you may feel you do not possess the necessary skills or experiences yet. It is widely accepted that being original in linking skills and abilities can land you a job even if much more experienced people are candidates as well.

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