The Measuring Tools That Can Be Used By Different Industries

Precision is important when it comes to many different types of industry, whether you are involved in construction or oil drilling.

You are going to need the latest technology to make sure that all of your measurements are completely correct.

People who are laymen might not have any knowledge at all of the tools that they need to use. Which measuring tools do you have at your disposal?

Bore Gauging Tools

You may be drilling holes that need to be an exact width and depth. You are not going to be able to make any of these measurements with the naked eye. Instead, you are going to have to use specialist tools.

These tasks require you to use some of the latest bore gauging tools to see how deep a hole is and how wide it is as well. The accuracy of the bore gauging tools from Bowers Metrology is going to allow you to get your project completed accurately.

Levelling Tools

Spirit levels are used to see if a structure is completely level against the ground that it is standing on. This is going to be useful if you are in the construction industry. Heavy-duty spirit levels can be used to make sure that a building is a level on the ground that it has been constructed on. These levelling tools ensure that structures are erected safely.

Thread Measuring Tools

Thread measuring needs to be done when you are using bolts and screws. The size of the hole has to be exact to the size of the screw or the bolt that is going to be used. Once the thread measuring tool has been used, the screw or the bolt can be inserted properly.

Calibration Tools

Calibration tools are used to measure whether a specific tool is giving accurate readings. These calibration tools will tell you whether any of your other tools need to be fixed or replaced with something different.

Height Measuring Tools

Height measuring tools can be used to determine the height of different objects or structures. These tools are extremely accurate so that they are going to calculate the height to the nearest millimetre. They can be used to calculate vertical distances as well.

Optical Measuring Tools

Using light is a very useful way to measure the length of an object. Usually, this is better than using traditional measuring devices. Markings can be made at different points along the light.

Hardness Testing Tools

The strength of different materials such as steel or wood can be tested using a hardness tool. When force is applied to the material, the hardness testing tool is going to gauge how resistant the object is to shape change.


There are many different gauging tools that you can use. They are designed to be used in a wide variety of different industries. They can measure the hardness of a material or how perpendicular a house is on the ground. The tools can also measure the depth of a hole.

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