The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been known as one of the best marketing institutes. The main aim is to provide quality marketing education to the candidates. The institute was founded in 1911. With passing time it gains more and more acknowledgment. Today, it is recognized as one of the leading marketing institutes.

Chartered Institute of Marketing commonly known as CMI is affiliated with the British Council. Thus, a CIM qualified person can get the job without any problem in the UK. Not only in the UK, the Institute is recognized by the world as one of the best institutions.

The courses are designed after a lot of research. This helps in providing the latest education and helps in keeping pace with the trends in the market. Thus, you won’t lack behind any of the changes that are made in the market.

There are two main types of courses to choose from;

  • certificate in professional marketing
  • diploma in professional marketing

Each of them is divided into 3 modules. On completing any one module you will get awarded and on completion of all 3, you will get the full qualification.

If you are a professional marketer and looking to polish your capabilities then you should go for the diploma, but if you are a junior marketer then the certificate is what you need to start with.

Not only this, the institute provide you with flexible learning hours, So that, you can adjust the timings according to your busy schedule. In addition to this, you can also learn at your home by distance learning method.

Thus, the courses are designed in a way to benefit you in all possible ways.


Besides all this, there is a lot of advantage that a CIM qualification on your CV can provide you.


CIM is the worldwide recognized institution. Thus, a CV having a qualification of CIM can make you stand out than other candidates. Chances are that you get the job as well. Not only this, it also makes job hunting easier for its students.


The next benefit of studying in CIM is that it gives you a chance of managing your study times according to you schedule. Thus, you don’t need to manage two things at a time.


CIM helps you polish and improve your marketing skills. Thus, after completing your course you will feel and look more charismatic than you were before to the entrepreneurs.


According to a recent survey, it has been found that a CIM member earns more money on average than a nonmember.

Thus, being a member of CIM can help you boost your career in many ways. There is wide range of courses available for professionals at the different stage of their career. All you need to do is find the right course. However, at first, it seems difficult to find that as most people don’t know what level they are. Thus, to help you with that an entry level test is designed, which can help you cho

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