Five Tips for Finding Overseas Positions

Some people decide to look for work overseas after visiting a country with which they’ve fallen in love. In some countries, it may be easier for someone from the United Kingdom to apply and get hired for a position for which they are qualified. However, in other countries it can be more difficult, but these tips for applying for work overseas can help.

Find Positions

The first step to getting hired overseas is to find positions for which you are qualified in the country you want to move to. While some smaller countries reserve certain positions for their citizens, and may prohibit foreign nationals from taking other positions because they are connected to their government, there are still many fields of work which have jobs that need to be filled. Engineering, IT, oil and gas, and accounting are some of the industries in which qualified applicants can be hard to find locally.

Network with Others

If you have made acquaintances in the country to which you want to move, reach out to them and let them know that you are looking for work. You can also use social media sites such as LinkedIn to get in touch with business owners, recruiters, and CEOs of companies in the country in which you’re interested. Making connections with companies in the industry you are working in or want to work in can help you find open positions.

Create a Great Profile

When you join a social media site, look for professional groups with people in the same industry as you. Also, create a profile with your picture, education, experience, and an indication you are looking for work overseas. Being proactive online is a great way to make connections, get your professional information out into the world for little, if any, fee, and introduce yourself to influential people within the industry and country where you wish to work.

Job Search Engines

Job boards are a great way to find openings in the industry that you have experience in. However, you need to make sure to go through the search engine for the country in which you wish to work. This will prevent needing to sort through openings in the UK and the country where you are looking for work. So, if you want to get business development jobs in Malaysia, make sure to use the appropriate search engine.

Work for Multinational Corporations

One of the best ways to find work overseas is to get a job with a multinational corporation who has satellite offices or businesses in the country you are interested in. For instance, an engineering company, an oil and gas company, or a hotel chain may have locations all around the world. When you are an employee for these types of businesses, it can be easier to transfer when there is an opening in the country where you want to move.

In addition to these tips, update your CV so it can be uploaded when you apply for jobs online. Using this information can help you search for openings and find companies overseas to which you can apply.

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